Ohio Chemical Explosion

BC Forest Fire and Smoke over the mountain near Hope.

On February 3rd, 2023, a train carrying hazardous materials, including vinyl chloride, derailed in East Palestine, Ohio.

Bio-Fueling the Future

Biofuels, word as banner headline

In a time where petroleum is not always attainable or a reliable source, and greenhouse gas emissions are continuing to rise, biofuels may be the solution to the earth’s energy related problems

Will the Colorado River Crisis Ever be Averted?

View of Colorado river at Hoover Dam, Nevada, USA

As of 2023, The Colorado River has gone down so rapidly in the last few years, that it’s hard to say if we’ll ever see it refill in this lifetime. The Colorado River supports many avenues of life, and those too will continue to decrease as we press on, but what do those changes look like?

Keystone Pipeline Oil Spill

Keystone pipeline cleanup aerial view. CREDIT: Reuters

On December 7, 2022, the Keystone Pipeline in Kansas ruptured and spilled 14,000 barrels (600,000 gallons) of oil into Mill Creek.