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About Activism Global

We are global activists spreading media produced to increase awareness and encourage action.  The founding members are based in St Louis, Missouri.  

Activism Global is a non-profit NGO 501(c)3 part of theenvironmentalists.org founded on the principle of activism being the only true hope to keep the globe hospitable to human existence.  We are journalists, videographers, storytellers, communicators, and most importantly we are activists.

Activism Global is a resource to inform and unite Activists worldwide.  Global issues cannot be viewed through a local or national lens alone.  By pulling back and having a broader view of our home as a planet, as a singular place in space can we begin to see the globe as intricate and interwoven as a single place in the universe.  From its core outward Earth is a place in space.

We all live on a single Globe. National borders do not Naturally exist. Nations rise and fall but the planet only reshapes at the tectonic plates.  

Business as usual restricts change in what most major corporate interests and their dollars contribute to that given as campaign donations to politicians.

They provide vast financial donations to want us, the people of Earth, to believe letting them loose to do as they want without oversight is necessary for our financial “security”.   A tactic that has proven quite effective.

Even if that were true security does not begin or end financially.  Security begins with natural air to breathe, organic nutrients to consume, and freshwater to drink.  In order to strive in a society based on a singular vision of success measured purely on the accumulation of individual wealth as a social status mental prosperity and happiness are not measured.

Should the natural resources of Earth be subjected to and squandered by the selfish and greedy?

Securities and derivatives create monetary valuations for everything but fail to correctly value or even consider the natural untouched value of the small and endangered remaining wilderness of Earth. 

It is the Globe is that provides humans with everything.

Activism Global has a mission to spread the truth about the Globe and empower global activists that seek to protect and serve the Globe.

As an activist, you actively participate in a movement that matters deeply to you.

There could not be a movement more important than one to preserve the planet and protect humanity upon it.

Being active could be as simple as participating and sharing information that will advance knowledge and understanding.  Your social network stretches out further than you might think.  

Are you interested in becoming a contributor?

Join us in our mission to protect our future!

Reach us at ag@activismglobal.com

Only have one living planet.

We have the greatest motivation: self-preservation for the future of life on Earth.

A Hopeful Fantasy: Once upon a time, there lived groups of environmentalists from around the globe who were determined to protect the planet and its inhabitants. They were passionate individuals who devoted their lives to raising awareness about the dangers of climate change and the urgent need for action to address these issues. They were known for their tireless efforts and their ability to inspire others to take action.

These groups of environmentalists banded together to fight for the preservation of the planet. They came from all walks of life, different places on Earth, different backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, and social groups but they shared a common goal: to protect the earth for future generations. They knew that the time to act was now, before it was too late.

The group consisted of members of other organizations, scientists, activists, and policymakers who had been working independently for years, but they soon realized that their efforts would be more effective if they worked together. They formed a coalition and began to strategize on how to achieve their goal.

One of the first steps they took was to educate the public about the dangers of climate change and the urgent need for action. They organized rallies, marches, and public events to raise awareness about the issue, and they used social media to spread their message to a wider audience. They also worked with schools and universities to educate the youth about the importance of protecting the planet.

The group also engaged in lobbying and advocacy to push for policy changes at the local, national, and international level. They met with policymakers and government officials, and they presented research and evidence to support their cause. They also worked with media outlets to ensure that the issue received the coverage it deserved.

As their efforts gained momentum, the coalition began to gain support from the general public. People from all over the world began to take notice of the issue and to demand action from their governments. The group’s message resonated with many, especially the young people who were worried about the future of the planet.

As the pressure from the public grew, governments began to take notice. They began to implement new laws and regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to promote sustainable practices. They also invested in renewable energy and in research and development to find new technologies that would help to protect the planet.

The coalition’s efforts paid off, and the world began to change. The air became cleaner, and the water became clearer. Wildlife began to thrive, and people began to feel the benefits of a healthier planet. The group had accomplished their goal, and they knew that their efforts would ensure a sustainable future for the youth of today and tomorrow.

The story of this coalition of global environmentalists is one of hope, determination, and the power of unity. They were able to change the world by working together and by educating and engaging with the public.

Let’s make it a true story.  Be an activist for the globe. Share your story with us today!


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