Benefits of Organic Farming

Small girl with parents gardening on farm, growing organic vegetables

Natural processes are prioritized in organic farming over artificial ones, like chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Organic farming is favored as better for the soil than conventional farming for a number of reasons. When compared to conventional farming methods, organic agriculture is preferred because it improves soil health, lessens chemical contamination, and depends on long-term strategies […]

Unity and Successful Activism

Unity and activism in a protest for the environment.

Throughout history, unity around common cause has been a key factor in the progression and success of social causes.

Fungicides: Manufactured to Kill

tractor spraying herbicides on field, Tractor Spraying Chemicals on Field - GMO Crops

Fungicides can be effective in controlling fungal diseases in crops and other plants, but they have a detrimental impact on biodiversity.

Biomass and Deforestation

Backhoe working on huge sawdust pile in paper production factory. Bucket of digger digging wood chip

The burning of wood chips, is not a good source of energy for the planet, and it should not be considered better for greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels. It is important to invest in more sustainable forms of renewable energy that do not harm our forests and wildlife habitats.

Combatting Environmental Racism

Group Of Protestors With Placards And Megaphone On Demonstration March Against Climate Change

Environmental racism is the practice of companies and other organizations leaving mass-polluting waste and hazardous dumps in neighborhoods that are largely made up of people of color. This careless approach to hazardous waste management has been exposing communities of color, particularly Black communities, to environmental risks at a disproportionately greater rate for over a century, […]

Glaciers and Their Impact on Sea Levels

Iceberg In Sea Against Clear Sky

Glaciers around the world have drastically decreased over the past 50 years due to climate change caused by human activities. The primary cause of this decline is the warming of the planet, which is caused by the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, primarily carbon dioxide. As the planet warms, glaciers are melting at […]

The Future of the Smart Grid

Concentrated architect keeping equipment standing near solar panels.

Smart grid technology refers to the use of advanced communication and information technology to improve the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of the electricity grid. It enables the integration of different power sources and allows for the efficient management of electricity demand. This technology allows for the integration of different power sources, including renewable energy sources […]

Oil Lobbyists and Their Control Over Legislation

Oil lobbyists, the representatives that bring influence to policymaking from within the fuel industry, are one of the biggest obstacles in combatting climate change. With their financial resources, they influence politicians and lawmakers to find loopholes in climate change legislation so that it benefits their counterparts: fossil fuel companies. Fossil fuel companies and other polluting […]